Knox Turf Pros will provide a scalable approach to lawn maintenance, affording you the opportunity to receive the best service for your lawn care needs and give you back your time so you can enjoy life and your lawn.

Each service includes mowing, string trimming (weed-eating), edging and blowing of debris. All quotes are based on square footage and difficulty. We do not believe in contract services. If you are not pleased with our performance, then you can leave at any time, but we feel confident that you will enjoy working with our professional crews and staff as we fulfill any and all of your lawn care needs.

We do not currently offer bi-weekly lawn mowing as we recommend weekly service to insure ideal health and appearance of your lawn. However during unseasonably dry parts of the season or towards the end of the season. We will use our professional judgement to adjust your mowing schedule as needed. This can result in a bi-weekly service, if it the best option for your lawn.